The new business monitor series S7, B7 & P7

Attractive design models for your business

Just in time for a surge in year-end business, the exciting new Philips business monitor series S7, B7 and P7 are now available. Modern high-end designs and brand new technology are combined with attractive pricing in these models, while the monitors also meet the highest ergonomic and sustainability standards. With the S7, B7 and P7 series, Philips Monitors sets new innovative standards in the business monitor market.

A wide variety: it’s your choice.

Product Screen size (inch) Panel Resolution Adjustable height VGA DVI Dis­play­Port HDMI Webcam USB 3.0 hub USB-C RJ45 (Ethernet) Link
223S7EYEB/00 21.5 TN 1920x1080@60Hz Product page
223S7EHMB/00 21.5 TN 1920x1080@60Hz Product page
221B7QPJEB/00 21.5 IPS 1920x1080@60Hz Product page
221B7QPJKEB/00 21.5 IPS 1920x1080@60Hz Product page
243S7EYMB/00 23.6 TN 1920x1080@60Hz Product page
243S7EHMB/00 23.6 TN 1920x1080@60Hz Product page
241B7QPJKEB/00 23.8 IPS 3840x2160@60Hz Product page
241B7QPJEB/00 23.8 IPS 1920x1080@60Hz Product page
241B7QPTEB/00 23.8 IPS 1920x1080@60Hz Product page
242B7QPTEB/00 23.8 IPS 2560x1440@60Hz Product page
241B7QUPEB/00 23.8 IPS 1920x1080@60Hz Product page
241B7QUBHEB/00 23.8 IPS 1920x1080@75Hz 1.2 x1 1.4 x1 3.2 Product page
241B7QUPBEB/00 23.8 IPS 1920x1080@75Hz 1.2 x1 1.4 x1 Product page
240B7QPJEB/00 24 IPS 1920x1200@60Hz Product page
240B7QPTEB/00 24 IPS 1920x1200@60Hz Product page
258B6QUEB/00 25 IPS 2560x1440@60Hz 1.2 x1 1.4 x1 3.1 Product page
272B7QPJEB/00 27 IPS 2560x1440@60Hz Product page
272B7QPTKEB/00 27 IPS 2560x1440@60Hz Product page
272P7VPTKEB/00 27 IPS 3840x2160@60Hz Product page
271S7QJMB/00 27 IPS 1920x1080@60Hz Product page
272B7QUBHEB/00 27 IPS 2560x1440@75Hz 1.2 x1 1.4 x1 3.2 Product page
272B7QUPBEB/00 27 IPS 2560x1440@75Hz 1.2 x1 1.4 x1 3.1 Product page
328P6VJEB/00 31.5 AMVA 3840x2160@60Hz Product page
BDM3270QP2/00 31.5 AMVA 2560×1440@60Hz Product page
328P6AUBREB/00 31.5 IPS 2560x1440@60Hz 1.2 x1 2.0 x1 3.1 Product page
328P6VUBREB/00 31.5 IPS 3840x2160@60Hz 1.4 x1 2.0 x2 Product page
BDM3470UP/00 34 IPS 3440x1440@60Hz Product page
346B1C/00 34 VA 3440x1440@100Hz 1.2 x1 2.0 x1 3.2 Product page
BDM4037UW/00 40 MVA curved 3840x2160@60Hz Product page
BDM4350UC/00 43 IPS 3840x2160@60Hz Product page
439P9H/00 43.4 VA 3840x1200@100Hz 1.4 x2 2.0b x1 3.2 Product page
499P9H/00 48.8 VA 5120x1440@70Hz 1.4 x1 2.0b x2 3.1 Product page

Special features

  • Frameless design

    Design meets performance: frameless screen on three sides characterises the design of the new series, making them ideal for multi-monitor set-ups. Thanks to their timeless and classic design, they fit perfectly into any environment.

  • Smart­Ergo­Base

    SmartErgoBase, a special ergonomic stand, makes it possible to lower the display to desk level so that a comfortable viewing angle can be easily achieved. The small distance between frame and table is ideal for those wearing varifocal glasses.

  • Power­Sensor: saves energy

    PowerSensor is an integrated sensor that detects whether a user is sitting in front of the monitor by sending out and receiving non-hazardous infrared signals. Once the user leaves the desk, the screen brightness is automatically lowered. Energy consumption is thus reduced by up to 80%.

  • Pop-up webcam

    Every webcam in the office has the potential to become an unauthorised window into a business. The new pop-up webcam on the latest Philips monitors allays security concerns – the webcam can be manually opened when it is required for meetings, and it tucks neatly away when it is not in use.

  • USB-C docking function

    The new USB 3.1 Type-C cable offers easy one-cable-docking. Connect your notebook to the monitor for high-resolution video output and power and/or recharge your notebook at the same time. Use your monitor as a docking station and connect all your peripherals to it. By the way: USB 3.1 is 20 times faster than USB 2.0.

Technologies explained

Read all about the display technologies IPS, AMVA and PLS in our flyer.

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